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Volunteer EMS/Fire Departments

“Margaret and Matt were instrumental in working through the process of getting our squad licensed. When we call with a question, or have some part of the process that we need help with, they are always right there to help!” Michele Lewis, Captain, Marlboro First Aid Squad

Volunteer EMS agencies and fire departments, small and large, present unique legal issues that our attorneys have extensive experience in addressing. We can work with your specific needs and funding to find solutions to organizational governance, compliance and training, EMS laws and regulations, and many more issues. We can also help you transition to a billing model to help support your volunteer department as you move towards a new paradigm. Our team has extensive experience working on your behalf with your local municipal government or district.

Practice Areas

Keavney & Streger provides a wide range of legal support to clients throughout New Jersey.

Monthly General Counsel

Keavney & Streger offers monthly General Counsel services to organizations on a flat-fee basis. This allows your agency to ensure cost-certainty and prevent unexpected legal fees during times of high demand while allowing us to build a relationship with your team through regular interactions.

For pricing and more information about our general counsel services, please contact us.


We also offer a series of other relevant programs, including:

For pricing and more information, please visit emsaegis.com.

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