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Corporate Counsel

Is your company a small to medium-sized business that needs regular legal advice but cannot afford a full-time inside counsel?

Do you find your company is challenged by evolving employment issues and needs to protect itself?

Do you need regular help with human resources issues, such as hiring, firing, non-disclosure agreements, and anti-discrimination/harassment issues?

Are you struggling with drafting contracts that meet your company’s specific needs, or with negotiating contracts with other parties that are essential to your business?

Here are some of the ways that Zina and our team of attorneys can help you:

  • Employment contracts, including non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, separation agreements, independent contractor agreements, master service and managed service agreements.
  • Services contracts, including statements of work and performance plans.
  • Human resources functions, including acting as your outside HR department to ensure that all of your hiring, firing, and other decisions are handled appropriately and legally.
  • Business agreements, including creation of business entities, partnership agreements, unit appreciation plans, leases, warrants, referral agreements, and intellectual property protection.
  • Technology agreements, including end-user license agreements, Esign waivers, software terms of use, subscription agreements, data protection agreements, HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA), authorization to use logos and trademarks, and SOC2 bridge letters.
  • Liability releases, including general releases, name/image/likeness releases, and litigation settlements.

Our team of experienced attorneys can also help you with response to subpoenas and other litigation demands. We do not litigate cases, but we can help your litigation team with subject matter expertise in our specialization, and we can help prepare your employees for deposition or other testimony. We can also help with crisis management, having dealt with countless emergencies over the years, including business continuity, breach response, public relations issues, and more.

Please let us help you with these issues. Our experienced attorneys can tailor our relationship from providing legal services on an as-needed basis to providing flat-fee legal services on a monthly basis that provides you with cost-certainty without worrying about the expense of every single telephone call or email. For more information, contact Zina M. Pozner, Esq. via email or at (732) 807-1814.

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