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Deescalate & Render Safe

What are you going to do when you encounter an armed patient?

With recent changes to firearm laws based on the Supreme Court’s “Bruen” case, EMS providers can expect to encounter more firearms on patients and while operating. While we work closely with law enforcement, we cannot always rely on our partners 100% of the time to prevent and secure firearms encounters.

Our program is designed to offer your personnel the verbal and physical skills to avoid altercations and de-escalate encounters, as well as the psychomotor skills necessary to safely secure a firearm that they might encounter on a patient. Topics include legal issues, firearm terminology, basic safety procedures, how weapons are carried, verbal de-escalation techniques, and disarming procedures.

The Deescalate and Render Safe (DRS) program is train-the-trainer class that you can take back to your department and offer. We provide a turn-key program with all of the materials necessary to offer this program during onboarding and/or for refresher training, including:

  • Model policies
  • Presentation Slides
  • Training materials, including inert training pistols (“blue” guns), holsters, and secure devices
  • Completion certificate template

Pricing varies based on your organization type and size. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

For pricing and more information, please visit emsaegis.com.

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