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Leadership Workshops

We offer small- and medium-sized group leadership workshops for your agency or company. These workshops are a proven method of bringing employees together, developing programs, introducing new ideas, and fostering teamwork. Our programs include:

Just Culture: Organizations often begin to implement Just Culture programs and have difficulty with the actual process. This workshop will review the basics of a Just Culture program with much of the over-complication removed, including incident investigation, examples, and implementation tools. On the second day, we will bring in employees of all levels and begin to cooperatively develop the organization’s key values, never events, and other critical points for policy development.

Radical Candor: Leadership involves getting to know people and finding common ground, and using this trust to give better feedback. This workshop brings employees together to develop skills to get to know individuals and use this information to demonstrate caring and help employees be more effective.

Successes and Failures: Often, leaders work in silos, not knowing the activities of their co-workers. This can happen when employees work at a distance, or when they are new to each other. This workshop will bring your leaders together and help them get to know each other, your organization, and develop opportunities to synergize programs and efforts.

We can work with you to customize these programs to your needs, or we can help you develop a specific program for your agency or company.

For pricing and more information, please visit emsaegis.com.

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