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Practice Areas

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the state and federal laws and regulations that govern Emergency Medical Services and other healthcare entities. We are also current and former healthcare providers with graduate degrees in health and public administration. This unique combination is certain to help you by allowing us to familiarize ourselves quickly with your situation and reach cost-effective solutions.

Our experience includes:

  • State EMS statutes and regulations
  • State healthcare statutes and regulations
  • OSHA Regulations governing infection control, respiratory protection, hazardous materials, confined spaces and more.
  • HIPAA – Health Information Portability and Accountability Act
  • EMTALA – Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
  • Electronic Medical Records / ePCR Systems, including ImageTrend and emsCharts
  • State and federal employment laws affecting the healthcare industry

Healthcare Reimbursement

The issue of EMS reimbursement is a constant concern for our clients and is one of the most complex areas of healthcare law. Helping our clients navigate this territory is one of our busiest practice areas. This includes contractual compliance with Medicare and Medicaid requirements, including Anti-Kickback Statute compliance. We are also experienced in drafting and negotiating contracts involving commercial insurance and third-party payors. Some examples of agreements that we typically handle are:

  • Bundled Billing Agreements
  • Agreements with Outside Billing Companies
  • Medicare Appeals
  • Third-Party Payor Overpayment Demands and Audits

We also provide training on EMS documentation for compliance purposes. We focus our training on clinically-relevant documentation which supports your reimbursement and is legally defensible.

Organizational Licensure and Credentialing

Perhaps your organization is seeking initial state licensure and Medicare certification. Perhaps you are working to achieve the gold standard of national accreditation, such as CAAS. We can help guide you through this process, including regulatory requirements, practical considerations, and policies and procedures. We can also help you remain compliant with the evolving laws and standards as they continually evolve.

Organizational Governance and Policies

When was the last time that your organization last updated or reviewed your governing documents, such as your charter, constitution, or bylaws? Is taking on this process overwhelming you?

Is your policy and procedures manual out-of-date or full of conflicts? Do you need a human resources manual?

We can assist you with any part of this process, including drafting, updating, and revising your governing documents. We are very experienced in successfully accomplishing this process using stakeholder input from a variety of sources.

We can also help revise your policies and procedures, and we have available for purchase a comprehensive policy and procedures manual that is immediately ready for you to customize it for your needs and adopt for action. Please contact us for more information about how to purchase our policy and procedures manual.

Employment Law

Employment issues are a major concern for healthcare agencies, including EMS providers. Our attorneys will guide you through the maze of employment law, discrimination and harassment law, hiring and separation issues, wage and hour issues, social media concerns, and more.

We also conduct outside investigations, specifically in the public safety and healthcare areas, under the attorney-client privilege. We also provide dispute resolution services using attorneys who know the details of the EMS and healthcare system, giving them credibility on both sides of an issue.

Our attorneys also provide training and education programs tailored to your needs on topics of workplace culture, harassment and discrimination, social media awareness, patient-provider boundary issues, and more.


Our team can help you negotiate, draft, review and assist with contracts of all types. Examples of contracts that we can help with include:

  • Commercial contracts, such as vendor agreements, purchase contracts, and leases
  • Professional services contracts, such as agreements for the provision of EMS and medical transportation services
  • Vehicle purchase and lease agreements
  • Electronic Medical Records system agreements
  • Employment contracts

RFP Support

Our team is experienced in preparing on behalf of municipalities, and responding to on behalf of EMS agencies, public contract requests for proposals (RFP). There are numerous common pitfalls associated with public contracting, such as the federal Anti-Kickback Statute, that our attorneys can help you avoid. Please contact us for more information about preparing or responding to requests, such as EMS service delivery, billing, and purchasing.

Provider Licensure and Credentialing

If you are summoned before a professional licensing board or other credentialing body, you need expert representation from attorneys with healthcare experience. Our attorneys have successfully brought matters before licensing boards, state departments, and other agencies for Initial Investigation or Preliminary Investigative Committee (PEC) hearings, all the way through full trials before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the Office of Administrative Law. Our experience includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, social workers, physical therapists, and more. This includes representation at state EMS offices and National Registry of EMTs.

Litigation Support

You may already be involved in active litigation involving our areas of expertise, including administrative, civil or criminal matters. We can review medical documentation, prepare witnesses, help coordinate with other attorneys, and make appearances at depositions and other hearings as needed. If you are represented by defense counsel who need help with EMS-specific issues, or obtaining expert witnesses, we can work with your existing team on those issues.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately, from time to time your department may be faced with a problem that you need help solving. Perhaps you are faced with a complex investigation that exceeds your expertise, or you have internal conflicts that prevent you from handling it yourself. Maybe you are faced with one of those events that threatens your organization’s very existence.

Our team members are experienced leaders as well as qualified attorneys, so we have experience in responding to and mitigating adverse events, developing internal messaging, helping with public relationship, engaging in dispute resolution, and working to prevent events from reoccurring.

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