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Policies & Procedures

Have you ever looked at your department’s policy and procedure manual and thought “wow, we really need to update that!” followed immediately by “I have no idea when I’m going to get around to it”?

We feel your pain, and as a result we put hundreds of hours into creating a comprehensive policy and procedure manual. With a little effort from you to cut and paste some existing agency-specific information into our policies, you can have a full set of policies that have been legally and operationally validated. If you are a volunteer agency, you omit the policies that relate to paid personnel.

The topics include administrative, human resources, conduct, operations, clinical, and regulatory compliance. There are 119 policies right now, and we are constantly updating these to remain current with emerging issues.

For our Monthly General Counsel clients, this is included in your package! If you’re not a monthly client of Keavney & Streger and want more information about the policies, including pricing, please contact us today.

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