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Other Healthcare Entities

“Margaret and Matt have helped me navigate starting a personal business. Their expertise and guidance has been profoundly helpful.” Jennifer McCarthy, Founder and President, 579 Solutions, LLC

Healthcare is a complex and evolving industry. Our attorneys are flexible and creative, helping agencies that surround and support the community. This includes not-for-profit advocacy groups, third-party billing entities, educational groups, staffing companies, and more.

Practice Areas

Keavney & Streger provides a wide range of legal support to clients throughout New Jersey.

Monthly General Counsel

Keavney & Streger offers monthly General Counsel services to organizations on a flat-fee basis. This allows your agency to ensure cost-certainty and prevent unexpected legal fees during times of high demand while allowing us to build a relationship with your team through regular interactions.

For pricing and more information about our general counsel services, please contact us.


We also offer a series of other relevant programs, including:

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